Payroll accounting in compliance with Dutch law



acconavm handles the payroll for your employees subject to Dutch law. As an experienced specialist in salary administration, we have all the knowledge necessary for the task. Our service for you as a international company is extremely comprehensive.

In addition to the “outsourcing” of your entire payroll, it is also possible to transact all of your payments through us. This means that you transfer an agreed monthly amount to an escrow account at acconavm in order to cover all payroll expenses. We then forward the respective payments directly to your employees, the Tax Administration, the social security agency and – if necessary – other organisations. acconavm is one of the largest firms carrying out payroll and salary administration for cross-border companies.

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Additionally, acconavm is your partner in dealing with all related inquiries and notifications. For example, we also take care of the application for your income tax number, submission of monthly tax returns, completion of your Arbo agreement (Arbo = supervisory body for illness-related absence), processing of your sick certificates and work capacity reports, production of employers’ declarations, formulation and explanation of working conditions, the “salary split” application, as well as the soliciting of quotations for pension and/or sick pay insurance.

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