Exclusive member for the Netherlands

Accon avm admitted to GMN International

Accon avm has joined GMN International, an international network of accountancy and tax consultancy firms with members in more than 50 countries. The membership gives the advisory and accountancy organization the possibility to quickly contact with affiliated advisers and accountants abroad when it comes to customer issues.

Membership is exclusive to Accon avm; no other offices from the Netherlands may join the network. Through the network Accon avm can count on tax advice on international issues and have audits carried out by the affiliated offices. Arjen Tompkins, senior tax advice specialist at Accon avm: ‘We are proud that we have been admitted. By sharing knowledge with the organizations within GMN International we can serve our customers even better and faster. In addition, the network makes it possible to refer customers to each other. The knife therefore cuts on two sides. ‘

Alexandre Vallette of GMN International about Accon avm’s joining: ‘As European President of GMN I am extremely pleased to welcome a firm like Accon avm to the GMN family. Accon avm is probably one of the firms that best represents the GMN spirit; an accounting company well established in its country, with strong values and a desire for international development.

About GMN International

GMN International, founded in the 70s, is a worldwide association of carefully selected, legally independent, professional accounting firms respected in their own country. Worldwide support provides member companies with the ability to effectively collaborate and meet the needs of customers in their local markets.

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