Web shop and VAT

web shop

Do you sell your services and/or products through a web shop? The probability that you do business internationally will then be considerable. Borders seem to fade quickly on the Internet. It is, however, important to know and well apply the consequences with respect to value added taxes (“VAT”).

What is meant by a web shop?

A web shop not only refers to the electronic services that you supply, but also to offering products for sale through a website. We assume in this situation that you, the entrepreneur who runs a web shop, qualifies as entrepreneur for VAT purposes. Your buyers reside in another European country or have established themselves there.

Depending on the entity who buys the services or products through the Internet, different consequences will apply with regard to VAT. The significant difference is whether you deliver to private individuals or other entrepreneurs. In addition, it is important whether your buyer has a VAT registration number or not.

White Paper

 Do you want to know what applies with regard to VAT in relation to web shops? Please download our White Paper: Web shop and VAT free of charge using the button below. Or ask for advice from our international advisers by emailing them at international@acconavm.nl.


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