Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Customs

If you want to import goods from outside the European Union into or via the Netherlands, you need a representative in the Netherlands. acconavm can be your direct fiscal representative. In addition, acconavm can represent you, if you purchase, sell or trade in excisable goods in the Netherlands.

Customs and excise duties

acconavm assists all companies that do business internationally. Customs procedures can delay the import/export of goods and therefore, affect the internal operating processes directly. After all, customs regulations and procedures cost time and money acconavm is familiar with the Dutch customs authorities and can assist entrepreneurs quickly and efficiently with all customs formalities in cross-border trade.

VAT reverse charge scheme

We can request an Article 23 permit for people who engage in international business. This enables you to charge VAT reversely in case of import and it provides you with a substantial liquidity advantage compared to direct import via Hamburg, for example.

Fiscal representation

As an entrepreneur, you can ask third parties to submit customs documents and to take care of customs formalities for you. But do be cautious: it is vital that you are aware of the judicial consequences of transferring these obligations to third parties. Which risks do you bear and which risks does your representative bears? acconavm has the necessary registration to support entrepreneurs, to draft all required documents and subsequently, to submit these to the correct agencies. We can act as your direct fiscal representative in the Netherlands for the excise duties or VAT.

Furthermore, if you sell excisable goods (e.g., alcoholic beverages) in the Netherlands from abroad, you are obliged to appoint a fiscal representative in the Netherlands. acconavm can fulfil this role for you at reasonable fixed rates.

Other service provisioning

In addition to the aforementioned topics, we can assist you in applying for an Economic Operators Registration & Identification (EORI) number, assessing the customs value, and taking care of customs declarations and preferential origin facilities. We can also assist in a VAT refund claim in case of export by non-entrepreneurs (Article 24 of the Turnover Tax Act).

acconavm can assist and represent you vis-à-vis the Dutch Tax Authorities (for the VAT) and vis-à-vis the customs authorities (for excisable goods or import duties). Contact one of the specialists in international tax advice via or fill out the form below.

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