“Your international business remains our top priority”

international business

A lot is going on in the world today. The war in Ukraine has a great deal of impact. But developments triggered by the European Commission and the OECD are also making their presence felt in the market. No entrepreneur will be unaffected. And cross-border businesses will definitely feel the changes. Your Accon International adviser will continue to support you whatever the circumstances. Your international business remains our top priority.

Cross-border team

For non-Dutch entrepreneurs doing business in the Netherlands, and vice versa, acconavm has a special team of advisers specialised in international business. Do you need help with your VAT return, transfer pricing, preparation of the financial statements? Or would you like to outsource your payroll processing to us? We are here to help. In the near future, our services will only grow stronger with the upcoming takeover. Because Flynth also boasts a strong international team of advisers. We complement each other well and will therefore be able to offer you even better service.

Cross-border workers and COVID

We receive many questions at the moment from businesses employing cross-border workers. These employees still work from home in many cases, rather than across the border. This affects the division of taxing rights. The EU is considering how to deal with this situation. We recommend that you be alert to this. Of course, we also follow the developments. Please let us know if anything changes in your situation. This will enable our International Employer Service (IES) to make an accurate salary statement.

Brexit and VAT

In our team, we are also seeing a huge increase in VAT advice. Brexit is creating different trade flows. British entrepreneurs seek to set up branches in the Netherlands or flows of goods are re-routed. This triggers many questions from British companies, including about the new requirements to be met. We support you with our Brexit Desk. Even after our upcoming rebranding to Flynth, you can count on our advice in this. And the additional knowledge of international VAT experts will only enhance our advisory services.

European legislation

In addition to the above developments, there are also changes in European laws and regulations that may cause change. Take Pillar 2, for example, which establishes a minimum profit tax rate for multinational companies of 15%. This affects profit flows. But also the regulations contained in ATAD 2 – with extensive documentation requirements – and ATAD 3 – the substance requirements for ‘shell companies’ – have consequences for international business. Our team will be happy to advise you and keep you informed.

War in Ukraine

It goes without saying that many entrepreneurs are worried about the war. Aside from human suffering, the war also has serious economic impact. Prices are rising and people are spending less. This also has a huge impact on trade flows. Take the high gas prices, for example. As a result of the price rises, greenhouse farmers can no longer grow their produce at a profit. We therefore recommend you stay in close contact with your acconavm adviser. We are happy to share our input and help you make timely adjustments.

Positive about the future

If the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets approves the acquisition, we will continue as Flynth in April. We have already met some of our future colleagues and are very enthusiastic. As it turns out, we complement each other well. For example, Flynth has a German Desk and acconavm the Brexit Desk. We on the International Team are very much looking forward to working together. It will only make us stronger. We see plenty of opportunities to continue to serve our clients internationally using our combined knowledge!

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