Salary processing with

Salary processing with

Since January 2016, we have also been using the program for handling salary processing for our foreign clients. Compared to our pervious program, it is quite different and took some time getting used to for the acconavm (formerly ROZA) payroll advisors and for you, the employers.

A change in Salary Package preferably takes place in January. The down side to this is that January is already a busy month and with a changed package there is even more work. Fortunately, we had the help of our colleagues from other branches and we were able to deliver on time.

Benefits of

Now that a few months have passed, the benefits of using are becoming clearer. For you as an employer, it is an advantage to be able to login so conveniently (also in English and German) and to have insight into all your employees’ information. The system automatically generates an e-mail to let you know that new output is ready. The output, which can include pay slips, payment files and bookkeeping entries, can be taken out of the system when and how you, the client, decides.

From the feedback we have received from our clients, this modern method of communication seems to be greatly appreciated. We can confirm that at least 80% of our clients now login themselves.

Proactive information

The employers’ personnel are now also experiencing the greater convenience of Especially when faced with the situation of having lost your password, it is now quite easy to acquire a new one. The notification e-mail one receives when a new pay slip is ready is also greatly appreciated.

Of course, our payroll advisors are always on stand-by to offer more detailed support and advice. If you have any questions regarding remuneration, employment law and HRM issues, you can always contact us.

In short, with, acconavm has an up-to-date package available that is the perfect solution also for international firms. For more information, please contact Alexander van Kleij +31 318307140 or complete the contact information form below. We will then contact you directly.

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