Mergers and acquisitions / due diligence

You are planning to merge with another Dutch company or to buy a company or a part thereof. Whether this concerns stock merger, legal merger or splitting, you will be confronted with various questions by the other party. Part of an acquisition process usually also includes a due diligence.

During acquisition, it is obvious that important points are the economic situation of a company and its corporate culture. However, the financial administration and the fiscal position are often decisive aspects for a successful process.

Due diligence is the process of examining the party that will be taken over with regard to its corporate finance, legal issues, personnel, pensions, payroll tax, corporate tax and value added tax.

Guidance for mergers and acquisitions

Whether you are the buying or selling party, acconavm can supervise the merger or acquisition and take charge of all aspects of due diligence for you. Together with you, we can also draft documents, such as a sales memorandum or purchase contract.

When carrying out due diligence, acconavm uses all the disciplines at its disposal, such as accountancy, corporate finance, legal and tax. Contact one of the specialists via .

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