Foreign taxpayers: entitlement to tax-free allowance

tax-free allowance

Are you a foreign taxpayer with bank accounts or real estate in the Netherlands? Then you do not have to pay tax anymore on the entire capital. From now on foreign taxpayers can also make use of the tax-free allowance in Box 3.

Until now this tax advantage was only available for national taxpayers. The legislative change will commence as from 1 January 2017, but the Dutch state secretary announced in a decision that this legislative change can also already be applied in 2016.

Foreign taxpayers with real estate in the Netherlands

The use of the tax-free allowance is mainly a considerable tax advantage for tax payers living outside the Netherlands who have with real estate in the Netherlands (for example holiday homes). The tax-free allowance will amount to € 25,000 per person as from 1 January 2017. By applying the tax-free allowance the tax advantage with tax partners may amount up to € 600 per year.

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