Changes in Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Law

Health and safety law

The employment market changes at a fast pace and the sustainable deployment of personnel is becoming increasingly important. Current Occupational Health & Safety law is not up-to-date. Employment conditions are changing rapidly and this requires changes in the law too. On 24 January 2017, the Upper House approved the legislative proposal for an amended Occupational Health & Safety law.

What has changed in this law? Where are the focus areas?

  • Open surgery for the Health and Safety doctor;
  • Right to ask for a second opinion;
  • Company doctor has access to work floor;
  • Role of company doctor is more independent;
  • Speaking to employee representative;
  • Basic contract Health and Safetyprovision;
  • Regulations and contract;
  • Start date of law.

White-paper: Changes in Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Law

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