Are you entitled to 4,000 euros in compensation?

TOGS 4,000 Euro

If the coronavirus has affected your business in the Netherlands, you may be eligible for a one-off reimbursement of €4,000. Find out whether you are eligible and how to apply for reimbursement.

Emergency measure: who is it for?

The Reimbursement for Entrepreneurs in Affected Sectors COVID-19 (TOGS) is one of the emergency measures put in place by the Dutch government aimed at supporting entrepreneurs during the coronavirus crisis. The scheme is aimed at entrepreneurs who have been directly affected by the measures of the government to limit further outbreaks of the virus. These entrepreneurs will be able to use the €4,000 to pay fixed costs.

Scheme opened up to entrepreneurs from additional sectors

The eligibility requirements for the TOGS have been expanded in recent weeks, allowing more entrepreneurs to use the scheme. Please ask your Accon International adviser to find out whether your company whether your company can apply for this reimbursement.

A list (in Dutch) of the various industries and sectors that are eligible is available on the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) website. Please note that not all business identification codes (SBI codes) have been added to the list yet.

Conditions for compensation

Compensation will not be subject to an income or means test. Naturally, there are certain conditions that must be met. For example, you will have to demonstrate that you are expecting a loss of turnover and that you expect to incur at least €4,000 in fixed costs from 16 March to 15 June.
If your fixed costs are always less than €4,000 per quarter, it is unlikely that you should expect these costs in the aforementioned period. As such, you may not be eligible for compensation.

The main-rule is that the companyadress cannot be the same as the home-adress. In other words the company cannot be situated at home. However, if the business part and private part are visibly split (private entrance, etc.), you can apply for the compensation (if you fullfill the other conditions as well). Hospitality establishments will be exempted from this ‘main-rule’. Curious if you can apply for this compensation? Have your consultant on hand to offer guidance.


acconavm can submit the application on your behalf. Get in touch with your consultant to allow us to get started right away. Our tip: don’t delay your application for too long. The sooner you apply, the sooner the amount will (presumably) be in your account.

You will also be able to apply online yourself via the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) website, using eHerkenning or DigiD to do so. Due to the high volume of applications, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s availability to respond to questions is limited.

Get assistance

If you would like guidance when applying for a tax payment extension, my colleagues at Accon International are happy to assist however they can. Please consult your contact or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Want to find out more?

At acconavm, we have put together a special team, which closely monitors all developments on issues relating to coronavirus, allowing us to provide advisory services in every field.
If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with your contact. He/she will have the best knowledge of your circumstances and will be able to work with a fellow specialist if necessary.
If you are not an existing customer but do have questions, we are happy to help or for you to share your concerns! Our international colleagues are likewise available to assist. Please get in touch via Together, we can help you grow your business, even under challenging circumstances.


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