Accon avm: an active member of GMN International


acconavm became a member of GMN International, an international network of accounting and tax advisory firms with members in over 50 countries, in 2018. Membership of GMN enables us to quickly contact affiliated advisers and auditors in other countries to discuss cross-border client issues.

Highly worthwhile

It has quickly become clear how worthwhile membership of GMN International is. We’ve already consulted GMN members with queries on behalf of a range of clients in different countries. We’ve been in touch with partners in Germany, France and Austria, for instance, to assist clients who have webshops in those countries.

And in the past year, we’ve called on experts in Tanzania, Lebanon, Italy, the UK and US to assist clients with a variety of issues. The feedback we’re given is always accurate and pleasant, further underlining the quality of the network.

Below are some examples of issues with which the GMN International network has helped us to improve our service.

International VAT

Case studies:

An acconavm client in the Netherlands operates a webshop, receiving many orders from retail customers in Germany. As a result, the organisation exceeds the VAT exemption threshold and is liable to VAT in Germany, for which it must submit a VAT return. Our GMN partner in Germany arranged this for our Dutch client, while acconavm helped with the communication and presentation of the information required.

A Dutch client sold a large item of machinery to a German customer and simultaneously traded in an old model. Our client then sold the old model to another German customer, thus becoming liable to VAT in Germany. Our GMN partner in Germany prepared the required VAT returns in Germany.

A client of our German GMN partner purchased fuel in the Port of Rotterdam and transported it to Germany. acconavm assisted with the VAT and duty payments for the Dutch end of the transaction.

Employer-related issues

A Dutch client of acconavm wants to appoint a salesperson in France. The prospective employee lives and works in France. Our GMN partner in France keeps the payroll accounts and deducts the tax and social security payable on the French employee’s salary.

A client of our GMN partner in Austria is a temporary staffing agency. Staff from Austria are recruited to work on a construction project in the Netherlands. Our Austrian colleagues consulted the acconinternational team in Veenendaal, who have expertise in this area and they ensured that all the relevant tax and legal liabilities in the Netherlands were completed correctly and promptly.

Valuable network

As you can see, it’s an extremely valuable network that can also benefit you. Arjen Tompkins, Senior Tax Specialist at acconavm, has been appointed chairman of GMN Europe’s Tax Committee. This provides us with valuable opportunities to be active at the centre the international dynamics offered by GMN International.

About GMN International

Established in the 1970s, GMN International is a global association of carefully selected, legally independent professional accounting firms that are highly respected in their countries of origin. GMN provides worldwide support to its members and gives them the ability to work together effectively to meet the needs of clients in their local markets.

If you have any questions about our membership of GMN International or would like to know how you can benefit from the network, please contact our international advisers at or complete the contact form below.

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