Migration: emigration, immigration and re-migration

Tax related consequences apply to all forms of migration – both for your privately and for your business. Whether you immigrate to the Netherlands, emigrate abroad or you re-migrate to the Netherlands.

The various points for consideration in the various forms of migration:

  • Establishing your residence for tax purposes based on national laws and tax treaties;
  • Submitting the correct tax return forms;
  • Determining which country is entitled to levy taxes over your income from employment, pension, savings, shares or company profits;
  • Determining in which country you are insured according to its regulations;
  • Determining to which country your contribution to social security must be paid;
  • Determining the fiscal acquisition prices of shares;
  • Determining whether any exit levies apply to you in case of profits from your company or shares in companies in which you have considerable interest;
  • Determining which consequences of migration might affect the establishment place and actual management of your company;
  • Examining whether there are consequences resulting from any suspended assessments that were imposed or will be imposed.

acconavm can advise you about the fiscal consequences of migrating and supervise the entire track for you. Contact one of the specialists in international tax advice via international@acconavm.nl .

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